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Unique Gifts

Want to give a unique gift that will mean more than money could buy?

In these days when everyone seems to have everything, it's not always easy to find something different or unique for that special someone or for a special event.

Why not give them a Priceless Treasure Memory book, complete with your story? Just a few minutes each day answering the simple questions in one of our Memory books will help you create a unique gift that could well become a much-treasured family heirloom!

Alternatively, why not give them one to complete themselves with the story of their life? After all, who doesn't like talking about themselves?…! You'll be amazed how many happy hours they will have recalling the answers to the questions and once completed, it makes a perfect and unique gift to be given on to a precious child or grandchild.

Lots of people like receiving personalized gifts but for most, this means a glass with their initials on, or perhaps a wallet, or pen or pencil with their name on. With our Memory books, you can create a truly personalized gift that will bring many hours of happiness and perhaps even a few tears (of joy - I hasten to add!).

These beautiful journals are a wonderful way of collecting all those family stories that only too easily get lost over the years. They ask hundreds of easy to answer questions and provide ample space to expand on any topic or attach photographs and/or mementoes.

So, don't miss the opportunity to get them (or yourself) a unique gift that can't be beaten. And why wait? With our money back, no quibble guarantee, you've got nothing to lose!

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