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Little Boxes of Big Thoughts seen on tv!

The perfect way to say I love you and/or thank you to someone special. The hectic lives we all lead mean that it's not always easy to remember to tell our loved ones how great they are - and how much we love them.

By writing down your thoughts, you can make sure they know and give them something to keep with them forever. These little boxes of thoughts are ideal for partners, parents, children or even best friends - in fact, they are just perfect for anyone who means something special to you.

Just imagine the pleasure your loved one will experience when they open up this little box and find all your thoughts (and love) stored away there, just for them. How lovely that they will be able to keep them close at hand, ready to 'rescue' them on those days when life is getting them down, just by reminding them how much they are loved and valued. And what better way to boost a child's self esteem?

In fact, couldn't we all do with being reminded how special we are on a regular basis? Well, these little boxes of thoughts can help you do just that. The set, including a box, approximately 35 cards with prompts (ie Remember when......., A favourite memory I have is........, I love you because..... ), gift bag and tag, and instructions costs just £7.99 - and is available in gold or silver.

Little Box of Big Thoughts - only £7.99 - CLICK TO BUY

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