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The Idea

After losing all of my grandparents by my teens, I realised that I knew hardly anything about their lives with (now) no longer any way of finding out, so I decided that I wouldn’t make the same mistake with my own parents. I therefore asked them to write down tales from their lives, prompted by some simple questions. 

Whilst it took them nearly a year to complete these memories for me, not only did they thoroughly enjoy reminiscing over the events in their lives, but the books I now own are amongst the most precious things in my home …… and always will be. 

Having their stories, in their own handwriting and scattered with old photographs, really is priceless (hence the name of this collection of books) and I will forever be grateful that they took the time to complete them for me.

Once I realised how precious the books were for me and how positive an experience it had been for all of us, I felt compelled to share the idea with friends. Now, following lots of positive feedback (see the testimonials page for some comments), I was encouraged to produce this set of books to allow others to have the same opportunity. 

I hope you get as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the books as we have.

Julie Pinnell
June 2004

PS Please let us have your feedback too.


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