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The ‘Memories’ range of books really only turn into “Priceless Treasures” once they are filled in with your stories. Each completed book is totally unique and we really appreciate hearing all about the impact they have made.

Thanks so much to our customers below who have taken the time to let us have their thoughts - and don’t forget, we’d love to hear from you too! 

Sue and Mum, Barbara

"I'm thrilled to have my parents' stories written in their own handwriting - their book is now one of my most precious possessions. Thank you so much!"
Sue Chapple, Exeter

Jill and husband in their courting days
"My husband and I really enjoyed answering the questions - it was especially lovely remembering all the things that happened when we were first courting over 40 years ago (not that it feels that long....)."
Jill, Sussex

"I'm so glad my grandparents decided to complete the book for my birthday. It is such a fantastic thing to have, and even better as I can ask them about some of the things they have written whilst they are still able to tell me."
Anna, Herts

"Thanks for the book. It's been a great for us as it's given us something to talk to my father about - we try to get him to complete at least one question with us every time we visit him in the home."
Mary, S Glamorgan

"I started off thinking I'd only be able to answer half the questions, but was amazed at how much I ended up remembering once I got started. I was also surprised at how much fun it was reminiscing." George, Cornwall

We’d love to hear your thoughts … just go to our feedback page, or the contact us page for other ways to contact us.


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