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Grandfather's Memories

Don't let your Grandfather's memories become lost forever like I did. Capture them now by giving him this book, full of wonderful questions about everything from his wedding day to his favourite childhood story or nursery rhyme.

This book has been designed as a present to give to a grandfather - as a way of asking them to share a wide variety of memories from their life.

It can be an ideal present for a 'new' grandparent, but is equally as good for an 'experienced' grandfather and fantastic for a great-grandfather!

This beautiful journal includes questions on his childhood and adult life, as well as evocative questions about how he felt on becoming a grandparent.

As with all our books, he will be prompted with simple, easy to answer questions, and given ample space to expand on any topic or attach photographs and/or mementoes.

You'll be amazed how many happy hours he will have recalling the answers to the questions.

And, once completed of course, it makes a perfect gift to be given to a precious grandchild - or to be kept as a family heirloom.


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