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Family History

Your past (particularly your childhood) is a rich record of a time that has gone - never to return. The people you met, places you visited or lived in, important dates and - most of all - the stories of your life, combine to create your own unique family history.

Of course, everyone has a family history and many people love tracing back their family tree. This can glean lots of useful information about who was born, where, when and what their parents did for a job at that time. However, what that can't bring is a real 'feel' of what those people were like, the emotional side of their life if you will. Imagine knowing what your grandparents did as their first ever jobs, what they received (as children) at Christmas, how they got to school each day, what attracted them to each other and how they felt when they became parents. Well, thanks to our Memory books, your dependants will have all those answers!

Our family memory books provide hundreds of really personal stories allowing you to really get inside the skin of your ancestors. Each book has hundreds of thought-provoking questions and plenty of space for recording those unique memories. Typical questions include:

  • Who were you named after?
  • Did you have a nickname? Do you know why?
  • Describe the best birthday you ever had?
  • What did you do at Christmas - did you have any regular family rituals?
  • What was your favourite toy?
  • What was the naughtiest thing you did growing up?
  • How much pocket money did you get?
  • Who was your best friend?
  • Did you have any pets? What was their name(s)?
  • What was the first record you ever bought?
  • What has changed the most since you were a child?

These are NOT the typical sort of books available for writing down your family history - dry, text heavy, picture-less and mostly black and white with complicated family tree diagrams!!

They ARE however, easy (and dare I say even FUN) to complete, illustrated with humorous pictures and with plenty of space for your memories to be recorded, and photographs/mementoes to be attached.

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